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Updated March 2015
Fresh Cut Peonies!

Current Special!
Receive weekly beginning first week
May 2015 thru June 22, 2015

Pack Price Ord Qty

1 Peony 3 Color Mix 40/45Cm 80 $3.88

2 Peony 3 Color Mix 50Cm 80 $3.80

3 Peony 3 Color Mix 60Cm 60 $4.00

5 Peony 3 Color Mix 40/45Cm 40 $3.75

6 Peony 3 Color Mix 50Cm 40 $3.90

7 Peony 3 Color Mix 60Cm 30 $4.25

Each box includes 3 colors:
including white/blush & 2 pinks
(minimum of 10 stems each)

Spectacular Red Charm Peonies

One of our most breathtaking peonies - RED CHARM - is NOW available for shipment.  Straight from our Chilean growers, you will be inspired by its rich red burgundy color and large bomb shape. 

Our Red Charm and Festiva Maxima, a gorgeous white flower with red flecks will be here for the next few weeks.  All of our many Chilean Peonies are scheduled to arrive through January. 

Schedule your delivery date 3 DAYS in advance of your event as our peonies are shipped in 'closed buds' and can take 2-4 days to fully open up.

Fresh Peonies Cut Flowers
These Southern Hemisphere peonies are thriving in the ideal Chilean growing conditions. We work directly with the growers in order to get the freshest and best quality available. Chile is 2700 miles from North to South and has multiple growing regions which provides for an extended season.

We also ship peonies from Alaska and Holland, depending on the season.


Pink Peonies Flowers

White Peonies Flowers
Peonies Flowers
Fuchsia Peonies Flowers
For a Saturday wedding we recommend a Tuesday or Wednesday delivery
Care of fresh cut Peonies
Peonies Flowers are harvested in bud form, often showing little color.
In transit or dry storage, peonies often become dehydrated
and/or limp (foliage can look very wilted). Don’t be alarmed!
After proper processing foliage will rejuvenate.
Buds may appear damaged and bruised, these are the outer
guard petals that protect the flower and will not be noticeable
when blooms open. Upon arrival: re-cut stems and remove any
foliage that is damaged or will be below the waterline when placed in water.
Use warm (100 to 110 degrees) water with floral preservative to
re-hydrate the flowers. Allow to hydrate at room temperature for
4 to 6 hours. Do not place peonies in container too tightly, as
they open to 3” to 6” in diameter. Peonies are ethylene-sensitive,
so care should be taken to protect them from damage.
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